Tony Bozzuto








Salt and Pepper



Dialects - British, Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, Southern USA, New York / Italian
Stage Combat - Broadsword, Small Sword, Spanish Rapier, Rapier & Dagger, Bullwhip, Firearms
Mask Work - Larval, Commedia dell’arte, Balinese

Improv for Actors - Second City Chicago
M.F.A - Wayne State University
B.A. Communications (Theatre minor) - Villanova University


Brighthouse Networks - TV spot

Character: Sci-Fi Steve

Crisis (NBC) - episodes 10,11,12

Character: Ted Manning, an FBI tech who helps find the hostages and brings crucial information to the investigation.

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The Roper - The Den Theatre

Character: Sweggles/Morrisey , based on a true story, an ex theif and counterfieter, turned FBI roper, who is sent in to thwart the attempted theft of Abraham Lincoln's body.

The Internationalist - Steppenwolf Theatre (May-June)

Character: Nicol

Chicago Fire (NBC) - episode "Ambition" (April)

Character: Dennis, a Chicago resident injured by his garage door.

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NFL - TV Spot (Sept.)

Character: An LA Rams / Stephen Jackson fan who thinks they look like twins because he owns an offical Nike jersey.

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The Onion - Orbitz: Print Ad (Sept.)

Skin Tight - COR Theatre (Aug.-Sept.)

Character: Tom

PNC Bank - Print Ad (May)

Boss - STARZ (episode 209)

Character: Justin Niley, a senators aid approached to help in some shady campaigning.

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A Number - BackStage Theatre Co. (Jan.-Feb.)

Character: Bernard 1 & 2 / Michael

Man of Steel - Warner Bros. (June 2013)

I was fortunate enough to do five days of extra work as a Daily Planet employee. Can you spot me? Many thanks to Girls Gone Casting!

Three Days of Rain - BackStage Theatre Co. (May-June)

Character: Pip / Theo

Memory - BackStage Theatre Co. (Nov.-Dec.)

Character: Aaron

Tony got a shout out!

The Taming of the Shrew - Chicago Shakespeare Co. (April-June)

Character: S.M. / Curtis (understudy)

Steak n Shake - TV Spot (April)

Character: I play a Steak n Shake employee that is using foam hands while flipping burgers.

Orange Flower Water - BackStage Theatre Co. (Feb.-March)

Character: Brad

On An Average Day - BackStage Theatre Co. (May-June)

Character: Robert

Jeff Nomination: Best Actor.

Italian American Reconciliation - Buffalo Theater Emsemble (Dec.-Jan'09)

Character: Aldo

Holes - Adventure Stage Chicago (Nov.-Dec.)

Character: Mr. Pendanski

U.N. Inspector - Next Theatre (August)

Character: Sammy


The Island of Dr. Moreau - Lifeline Theatre Co. (Oct.-Dec.)

Character: Capt. Davies / Sayer

A Streetcar Named Desire - Metropolis Performing Arts Center (April)

Character: Mitch


Hilberry Highlights

I Hate Hamlet - 2005

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The Kentucky Cycle - 2005

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Misalliance - 2005

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Lovers and Executioners - 2004

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Death of a Salesman - 2004

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